The process of air regeneration

As often happens in science and technology, we follow nature’s rules. Perfection and creativity of the natural processes establish the way for achieving the results. The operational and functional system of BLU Group is based on this principle..

Through oxidation by means of activated oxygen, germs and odour molecules are neutralized, and thus clean, healthy and fresh air is achieved. In nature, activated oxygen occurs in form of positive and negative ions and ozone.

Depending on the weather conditions and the place (country/city), we can detect concentrations of air ions equal to 200-800 ions/cm ³. On the contrary, in indoor environments, no presence of ions can be detected.

It is essential for people’s well-being to keep a constant concentration of positive and negative ions in the air, allowing their continuous regeneration. Air ionization systems of BLU Group copy those natural processes of air regeneration, reproducing them within the indoor environment. Consequently, the indoor air quality (IAQ) is improved.

Germs are inactivated, odours are neutralized and the ambient air is enhanced with natural ions. This natural process is replicated artificially, thanks to electronics, creating a concentration of ions in the air necessary to human welfare.