What is legionella?

Legionella is a mobile, naturally occurring mobile bacterium for which piped water systems are a perfect habitat where they can multiply. As legionella bacteria thrive in wet environments, they can easily develop in water systems (especially in hot water boilers and in components where water stagnates for a long time). The risk to become basins where legionella can spread is particularly high for central air conditioning systems, indoor ornamental fountains equipped with water recirculation systems and complex hydraulic systems. As a matter of fact, humans do not become infected by drinking contaminated water. On the contrary, legionella bacteria can be pathogenic to humans if inhaled by aerosol (vapour and droplets) resulting from taps, sprayers, atomizers, showers or hot tubs pouring contaminated water.

Facilities and systems at risk:

  • hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities

  • hotels, barracks, campsites and tourist facilities

  • sports and school facilities

  • buildings with cooling towers

  • condominiums

  • pools

  • spas

  • decorative fountains and artificial waterfalls

The continuous supply through a predetermined dosage of Active Water Disinfectant leads to degradation of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of the biofilm. This layer of EPS protects microorganisms present in biofilms and allows them to deliver nutrients. Control of biofilms is therefore essential to ensure consistent quality. With Active Water Disinfectant you get a sharp reduction in the biofilm over time.