Negative ions against allergies

An experiment conducted in a clinic in the U.S. says: “After having randomly chosen 80 patients suffering from various allergies, each of them was given an ion generator to be turned on in the room where they spent most of the time, taking it to the bedroom during nights. After this trial, which lasted for a week, 60 of these patients said that all those annoying symptoms caused by allergy (lacrymation, colds, heartburn, difficulty in breathing, etc..), were gone forever.

“Indeed, negative ions are useful for treating allergies affecting the respiratory system, because they attack these particles, destroying them. In this phase, however, even the ions themselves are destroyed, and they need to be regenerated.

For this reason, in cities and urban centers they are present in very small quantities.

We must also say that an ion generator also produces ozone, a very valuable ally because it attacks and kills the bacteria, so it’s an excellent antiseptic, disinfectant and even deodorant.