Negative ions act on the nervous system with a relaxing effect. They also facilitate the acquisition of oxygen from the air into the lungs, and power the functions of the organism, also improving its defences, which have a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. Through the influence on the nervous system there is then the influence on the various functions of the organism and on the processes of development of cells that compose it, by stimulating the internal production of certain substances. Negative ions raise the blood ph, stimulating the production of red blood cells (that are a great anti-anemic), reduce cholesterol in the blood and therefore are useful to prevent strokes, exert a beneficial effect on the bronchial tubes, lungs and throughout the nervous system. In short, they improve overall physical conditions. An American research has shown that the neurohormone called serotonin regulates various psycho-physiological processes, affecting the nervous system and changing our behavior. If produced in excess by our body, this hormone causes physical depression, lack of memory, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, nervousness, etc.. Negative ions have the property of attacking the serotonin, reducing its presence in the organism, thus eliminating physical depression, lack of memory, nervousness, hypertension.