Water is source of life, let’s keep
it clean from bacterias.

An active biocidal product, always available, efficient, quick-acting and cheap. Maximum reliability in the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and the removal of biofilm from inside the drinking water pipe systems.

Active Water Disinfectant

Active Water Disinfectant electrolysis systems Is a highly effective [...]


What is legionella? Legionella is a mobile, naturally [...]

Business solution

L' Active Water Disinfectant Active Water Disinfectant can be used [...]


The main applications: Decontamination of drinking water Surface [...]

Field of action

Active Water Disinfectant effects on microorganisms can be described [...]

Safe, effective and quick-acting

It is non-irritating Active Water Disinfectant is non-flammable, non-corrosive [...]